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Laura Guarch invited to speak at Rights of Nature panel by Advaya

May 20, 2020

 Laura Guarch is invited as a speaker on the online panel Rights of Nature, part of the Regenerative Activism conference series by Advaya. In representation of Convex Laura Guarch is going to speak about their performance about river rights, Thalweg (2019) and the role of arts in enhancing a sense of being part of nature.

Echo Station: songs of hope from open windows

May 06, 2020

During the whole month of May, Convex led by Laura Guarch and Sarah Le Quang Sang is bringing Echo Station, a online-guided participatory singing performance. Echo Station will connect windows of the world through echoing playful songs of hope and togetherness and participants will connect to their local environment through singing by their window.

Echo Station is raising funds to support isolated elderly people through the charity ReEngage. 

Balcony Vocals responding to London lockdown

March 22, 2020

Responding to the Covid19 crisis and lockdown situation, Laura Guarch sings a song to her neighbours from her balcony in Nunhead everyday at lunchtime around 1pm to cheer up the spirits in her local surroundings.

Masaya exhibition: performance collaboration with dancer Macarena Ortuzar

March 08, 2020

For Women's Day 2020, Masaya hosted an exhibition event in the Jam Factory -Oxford- in which Laura Guarch performed her new creation 'Masaya' a song to give voice to the female collective. Laura performed the vocal-led piece with her loop station and a micro-korg synthesiser and was accompanied by dancer Macarena Ortuzar whose movements embodied what it means to be a women today.

Masaya: voice and creativity workshops for young women in Oxford

December 09, 2019

Wonderful Voice and Creativity workshop with Young Women Music Project - Oxford, an inspiring, bold group of young feminists. The group created a magic female bond with their sound circle that will inspire Laura Guarch to create a new vocal soundtrack for the project Masaya Empowering Women.

NORAS: a new empowering women project

November 03, 2019

Noras first ever street art exhibition was presented at Deptford X Fringe Festival last week. In Deptford Creekside railway arches, you can find Noras Deptford, a collection of live-scale collage inspired by diverse girls and women spontaneously interviewed in the neighbourhood. 

Noras celebrates the role of women in local communities through their own images and voices taking over public space. This project is conceived and created by Laura Guarch, Belén L.Yáñez and Cristina Villalonga.

ImproPlay - voice and movement workshop for the young

October 25, 2019

Laura Guarch taught a weekend of voice improvisation and creativity in relation to movement composition at the village of La Sénia (Cat), a neighbour village of her hometown. La Sénia hosts an music and performing arts festival every year, called Músiques en Terras de Cruïlla. Laura was invited to lead voice workshops with young people. Despite improvising and creating together using voice and movement was something new for the participants, they all became enthusiastic and performed a beautiful showcase on the second and last day of the program. Video of the showcase available on Youtube, click on the link!

Thalweg participants: 'never felt more connected to a river'

September 28, 2019

Convex, directed by Laura Guarch and Sarah Le Quang Sang, closes the three days performances of Thalweg for Totally Thames with excellent feedback: bordering on magical, beautiful, meditative, immersive, amazing - never felt more connected to a river; are some of the feedback comments to the participants who challenged the weather these days to take part in a meditative journey along the Thames reflecting about river rights in the World, singing and walking all the way through. 

The performance event was audio-recorded by Ben Kelly with an astonishing audio journey you can find in Soundcloud or on Convex website (weareconvex.com); as well as a great selection of pictures and Thalweg's 1 minute trailer.

Thalweg, an outdoor choral promenade performance along the Thames

July 31, 2019

Convex, the artist collaboration between Laura Guarch and Sarah Le Quang Sang, has created a new work for Totally Thames 2019. Thalweg is an outdoor participatory choral promenade that will make you look at the Thames from a new perspective.

Do rivers have a voice? What are their rights? Did you know some cultures have given rivers legal personhood status?

You can join us to learn more about the creative process of Thalweg by booking a workshop + performance ticket, or you can just buy a ticket for the performance only!

Convex website launch

July 19, 2019

Find all the performance works Laura Guarch has created in collaboration with Sarah Le Quang Sang and more on their new website www.weareconvex.com. Briefs, pictures and videos of Float, Defence to Forbid, Inner Circle and Capses, plus information on their upcoming performance Thalweg.



Tallers Musicals d'Avinyó - Voice workshops by Laura Guarch

July 19, 2019

Laura Guarch had the pleasure to join a fantastic team of facilitators in the lovely Catalan town of Avinyó this summer. She led a vocal workshop with 32 participants of varied ages, from 12 to 85! that adventured into circle-singing, choreographed vocal music, improvisation, games and world music. On Saturday the 20th they did a gorgeous showcase in the local theatre. After a group of basketbeat orchestra, they performed a circle-singing piece, a spatially-choreographed original composition of Laura accompanied by local musicians and two stunning world music choral songs from Africa and Georgia.

Street Vocals tours Germany and Switzerland this Spring

June 15, 2019

Street Vocals has been touring intensely in May and June! We had the pleasure to be in St Gallen Buskers Festival in Switzerland and to the Ludwigsburg Street Music Festival and the Braunschweig Buskers Festival in Germany. As always, reuniting again with old busker friends and making new music friends, singing out 3/4 shows per day and sharing live-looping vocal music in a mixture of streets, squares and stages as close as possible to audiences!!

Inner Circle - Spitalfields Music Open Call Showcase

June 12, 2019

In a rapidly changing city, Inner Circle reflects on the potential futures of public space. Upon the canvas of Arnold Circus gardens, Inner Circle juxtaposed the wishes of local groups for their ideal public space with how privatisation may potentially transform social behaviours.

Laura worked with two community groups and composed and choreographed vocal music in public space to reflect their ideas. Inner Circle embraced the audience in a sense of collectiveness in which all of us were questioned about what we want from public spaces as the spaces that belongs to all.

Collaborations with Artist Belén L.Yáñez @ The Migration Museum

April 17, 2019

As part of the artist Belén L.Yáñez residency at The Migration Museum, Laura Guarch will present two collaborations with the artist. On the one hand, she will perform at her participatory moral play 'Awakening, sweet and sour composition' on the 23rd May. On the other hand, Belén and Laura will present a new project called Noras, a homage to socially invisible women through collage-art, live music and installation. Nora will be presented on the 11th of May. Find more about the program at The Migration Museum website.

Street Vocals selected @ Stassen Musik Festival in Ludwigsburg!

April 03, 2019

The festival season starts and Street Vocals first stop will be in Germany. Laura Guarch and her loop station Lukas will get to the town of Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, where there is the annual Street Music Festival with the best international street musicians, an amazing audience and lots of fun! That's from the 7th till the 9th of June!! Busy week!

Open Call Commission by Spitalfields Music

March 01, 2019

Laura Guarch is one of the three artists commissioned by Spitalfields Music Open Call to respond with unique music-making projects to the provocation 'Culture for a changing city'.  

Her project will engage residents and public space users of Tower Hamlets in exploring behaviour rules in the public realm in relation to regulations often found in privately-owned public spaces banning such quotidian actions as sitting! We will reflect together on how we use, are allowed to use and would like to use public spaces. I will then compose and devise vocal music embedded into a walking tour in public space! 
The Open Call Projects presentation is scheduled for 13th of June, note it in your diary!!

Artist facilitating visits and workshops in 575 Wansworth Road

February 01, 2019

Laura Guarch has been the selected artist to work with Battersea Arts CentreNational Trust and Kings College London on a pilot project involving participatory visits to the house of Khadambi Asalache on 575 Wandsworth Road, a hidden gem heritage house in Wandsworth, and a subsequent creative community workshop. Through these visits and conversations around the dinner table, 575 Wansdsworth Road has got a bunch of new ideas to move towards the future and open the door to the community life. 

Joining ACM Gospel Choir

January 31, 2019

Happy to announce I am joining ACM Gospel Choir in London, the london choir holding some of the best voices of the popular music scene and delivering the most amazing gospel sound, led by Mark De-Lisser. It was one of my goals when I moved to London and four years later I achieved it!

We are preparing the recording of an EP next Spring. Stay tuned!

Newsletter Launch

January 18, 2019

Yes! On 2019 I am starting a Newsletter. This is a space to know a bit more about my work from a personal, behind the scenes perspective and also to discover the work of a varied wonderful range of other artists and projects.
It is an opportunity to generate a dialogue between artists, friends and communities through London, Barcelona and the other places in the world that connected us. You can subscribe at the top of this page!!

Laura Guarch New Ensemble Paris Tour

October 19, 2018

Laura Guarch New Ensemble had the pleasure to play their original music on three fantastic parisian venues: Au Chat Noir, Cafe Universel and 59 Rivoli. The band shared stage with the parisian jazz duet So Ouatte, who played an introductory set and jammed jazz standards together with Laura Guarch New Ensemble as the ending of the soirée. The band really enjoyed playing in Paris and the audience really liked the combination of vocal loops with non-digital instruments in a popjazz vibe. À la prochaine! 

Street Vocals cheers up the streets of Pilsen, Czech Republic

October 04, 2018

Over 4 days with 3 performances per day, in this busking festival Laura Guarch has connected with the audience more than ever, her music gave and received so much love. Very well organised festival, enjoyable and friendly city and the czech audience rocks! Check out Laura Guarch Music Youtube Channel for a video with her performances on this festival.

'FLOAT' sells out on Totally Thames

September 27, 2018

Our participatory audio-walk 'Float' had a big success on Totally Thames Festival 2018, selling out on the 28th, 29th and 30th of September and reaching 100 visitors.

Peaceful, meditative, enlightening, mesmorising and unique are some of the words used to describe the experience by the audience who made their way to Woolwich Foot Tunnel for the experience, who faced the surroundings, the river and their memories in a completely new way. 

'Float' - participatory audio walk, programmed on Totally Thames Festival 2018

July 15, 2018

Float is a participatory audio walk where you will be invited to journey through the Woolwich Foot Tunnel, ending at a reflective vista of the city and the Thames. Connecting the concept of water to your own memories, emotions and reflections, you will be guided to obey, defy and get lost in your own imagination!
21/22/23 and 28/29/30 September, bookings are open!! 

Laura Guarch new singer of 'Periscopi Invertit'

June 30, 2018

Laura Guarch has been selected to join the band 'Periscopi Invertit', a based in London band that mixes catalan folk melodies with north-african rhythms and jazz and funky vibes. The band is lead by bass player and arranger Mireia Carbonell and will do its first concert on Sunday 1st of July for the opening of 'Jam in a Jar' in north-London. 

'Defence to Forbid' at Everything Must Go Festival

June 25, 2018

'Defence to Forbid' is going to be showcased in 'Everything Must Go - MA Performance Making Festival' at Goldsmiths College. We are on the 28th and the 30th of June. 

Defence to Forbid is a live art performance exploring Privately Owned Public Spaces (POPS) in London and the UK. By using live voices, sound technology, mapping the space with lights, movement and graffiti-like chalk writing, we create a collective experience for the audience to witness a live process of spatial and sonic invasion. Defence to Forbid is a funeral procession of lost public spaces to privatisation. The singing is a ritual lament and claim for democratic rights. 

Hundreds engaged in interactive sound installation 'Capses'

June 02, 2018

As an intimate experience for two participants displayed in the public space, this interactive sound installation engaged hundreds to write their political views and feelings about the events on the referendum day in Catalonia and deposit them into a cardboard ballot box. 'Capses' was displayed in festival Inund'art in Girona during from 1-3 June. 

Laura Guarch new member of London Contemporary Voices

April 22, 2018

Laura Guarch has been offered a place with the London Contemporary Voices Choir, one of the UK's leading modern choirs. Rehearsals will start this week and next LCV gig will take part at Union Chapel the 26 of May, featuring a mix of world music, classic and pop repertoire and accompanying exceptionally talented guests artists.

There will be a number of festivals in summer in which LCV will perform as well. Keep updated!

'Street Vocals' selected to Ulicnih Sviraca festival in Montenegro

April 08, 2018

'Street Vocals' live looping a cappella show has been featured to be part of the line-up of the street music festival 'Ulicnih Sviraca' in Niksic, Montenegro.

Laura Guarch and her loop station ' Lukas' will be performing there on the 24th and 25th of August.

Capses (Boxes) installation selected to Festival Inund'art (Girona)

March 25, 2018

This artwork is an immersive installation questioning the coexistence of democracy with power and citizen control systems.

Audience are called two by two to share an experience with visual and sonic stimuli and with no verbal communication.

Are systems of power and control beyond human rights and protection of physical integrity yet in democratic societies?

This work will be premiered at Festival Inund'art 2018, 1-3 June in Girona (Catalonia).

'In your interest' - Site specific performance

March 18, 2018

'In Your Interest' is a site specific and participatory audio walk. Participants are taken on an experiential journey through the Woolwich foot tunnel, from North to South, ending at a reflective vista of the river Thames and the city. 
This work explores the 'safety instructions' citizens receive on various modes of everyday transportation which affect both their spatial practice and behaviours. This piece invites the participants to playfully perform these subverted instructions and reclaim urban spaces by following the voice of a child.

ImproPlay: Cross-arts improvisation course

February 06, 2018

This course is a series of playful sessions on creativity and mindfulness through improvisation in music, movement, theatre and painting. We combine all expressions and each session has activities that focus specially in one discipline. For all levels, everybody is welcome to play!!

Previous booking for the sessions are essential and you have different options you will see in the link.


Mother-Daughter: a new vocal ensemble doing a R&D week for Spitalfields Music

January 16, 2018

As part of the open-call 2018 from Spitalfields Music, singers Freya Wynn-Jones, Kate Smith, Aminita Francis and Laura Guarch are working this week on an intensive R&D process to create original a cappella work around mother-daughter relationships and femalehood in a song-theatre setting. 

The work will be presented the 9th February at the Oxford House in Bethnal Green, London, 4pm. 

Interdisciplinary collaboration: This is not a dream

December 14, 2017

Influenced by soviet films 'Battleship Potemkin' and 'Mirror', two creative practice musicians + 2 performance makers + 1 dramaturge create a performance piece exploring dream, reality and memory through sound, water and a chain-hammock.

The piece was performed at Arts Admin theatre in London on the 14th of December as part of the Goldsmiths - University of London MA Performance Making program.

Laura Guarch New Ensemble launch

December 08, 2017

'Laura Guarch New Ensemble' presented their work on Laura Guarch's new original songs for loop station and band, with Chris Murphy on double bass and Paul Reynolds on keys. The music was received enthusiastically at Blackbirds Bakery Jazz Night in Peckham, where members from the band are locals. 

'A loving sound' video release

September 20, 2017

'A loving sound'  is a song written as a response to violent and unfair situations in our world and as an invitation to use music, dance, theatre, visual arts... as tools to connect and feel empathy, as actions that carry love, peace and a sense of humanity with them. To create beauty in this mad world is the song and challenge of our generation. 

Recorded live in The Preservation Room in London it's a solid work of Laura Guarch New Ensemble. Greg Gottlieb on doublebass and Pawel Grudzien on piano.

Joining 'Nitroglicerina Theatre' company to perform 'Awakening'

September 04, 2017

Awakening, sweet and sour composition' is a modern morality play in which the roles are given, but the story has yet to be created. 

Each intimate performance strives to target each of the five senses for a total awakening, providing participants with the ingredients to create their own sweet and sour composition.

No two cocktails are the same, though each reflects contemporary society in all its terrifying beauty. 

First show that will include Laura Guarch as a performer will be in Applecart Arts Centre in London on the 23rd September, 7.45pm

Weddings in Provence

July 07, 2017

New exciting repertoire for the cocktail hour receptions at a few weddings in the lovely area of Provence, in France, where Laura Guarch delighted all guests with a live looping vocal performance that created the perfect atmosphere to celebrate love and friendship.

Composing music for Performance

June 20, 2017

Laura Guarch has composed the music for the piece 'House Taken Over', an immersive theatre merged with miniature cinema performance based on a Cortázar story. Music consists on a piano piece to accompany live voices over and a short film and a live looping vocal piece that goes along the immersive theatre experience. 

'Street Vocals 2.0' selected to perform at the Buskers Strassenfestival in Vaduz

May 23, 2017

On the 24th and 25th of June, Laura Guarch will be performing her act 'Street Vocals 2.0' with her loop station 'Lukas' at the Buskers Festival in Vaduz, Liechtenstein; alongside with a selection of very talented international artists of different disciplines that will fill the little country in the Alps with music, arts and entertainment. 

Laura Guarch performs for the opening of the Migration Museum in London

May 20, 2017

Laura Guarch's recent songs talk about migration and political issues and she has been invited to perform at the opening of the Migration Museum in London. The event featured the play Borderline, a performance devised by refugees and actors altogether; after a music session in which Laura Guarch premiered her new songs alongside with Chris Murphy on double bass and Paul Reynolds on piano. The group also played a song from the project Music in Detention, created by refugees in detention centres in the UK.

Improplay workshops back in London!

March 02, 2017

A playful session on improvisation and group composition layering music, movement, acting and painting. For all levels to explore creativity and mindfulness and to connect different artistic expressions in space and time. Every Thursday of March 7-9pm, at Goldsmiths College - University of London. 

'Street Vocals 2.0' selected to the 18. Internationales Kleinkunst Festival in Usedom 2017, Germany

February 28, 2017

Laura Guarch and 'Lukas the looper' have been selected to perform 'Street Vocals 2.0' in the International Street-art Festival in Usedom, a german island in the baltic sea! The festival will take place in Heringsdorf during the first weekend of June. 

Recording at The Preservation Room - London

February 22, 2017

Recording a live video of a new original song with vocal loops, grand piano and double bass at The Preservation Room studio in London! With the wonderful musicians Greg Gottlieb (double bass) and Pawel Grudzien (piano). The new song is called 'A loving sound' and is a claim for the power of the arts to make something beautiful in the insane world that we live in nowadays.

Scenographic piece 'Home. From monochrome to colour'

January 26, 2017

'Home. From monochrome to colour' is a piece about traveling and migrating as a transformational experience in which the interaction with strangers add colour to what was black and white. This piece was created by Laura Guarch and performed at Goldsmiths College - University of London as a part of the MA Performance Making.

NEW VIDEO with 'Lukas'

December 02, 2016

The new looper has been named 'Lukas'. Watch this new video and see what Laura and Lukas are capable of!! This is a street performance in Shoreditch, London, on a sunny and cold late afternoon! Laura Guarch performs her vocal arrangement of 'Always there' by Incognito, one of her favourite groups of soul and funk. 


November 14, 2016

Street Vocals 2.0 is here with the RC-505 Loop Station from Boss!

New arrangements coming, new sound, vocal effects and more!!

BOX SOLO 'ME' - Performance Making at Goldsmiths College

October 17, 2016

Box Solo 'Me' for the MA Performance Making at Goldsmiths College, University of London.


5 minutes. Only you and a cardboard box. Make a signature in space and time.
What does the box represent? Where does my musical journey go to? Which role does the audience play? What happens, when I finally open the box?...