Performance projects

Laura Guarch Trio

This is the project whithin my own songs started to sound. That happened in Barcelona in 2011 with Cento Carbó on the drums and Pau Aguilar (first) and Albert Forns (after) on the bass. I've been always on the keyboards while singing and also adding some body percussion or the sound of the clarinet in some of the tunes. 

We combine the essence of blues and soul with pop-jazz in the stages of several clubs in Barcelona and music festivals in Catalonia. 

In 2013 we published our first album "Introducing". It contains our top-five songs in english and catalan.









Barcelona Gospel Messengers

Since 2012 I've been singing as a soprano in this powerful and amazing Gospel Choir in Barcelona, conducted by Ramon Escalé. In 2013 we got the second position in the TV contest OH Happy Day (TV3). After that we had a great tour all around Catalonia. In 2014 we released the album "Go higher", which has our most popular repertoire based on contemporary gospel music. 

Cicle Llunàtic (Lunatic Cycle)


This is a performance with live visual arts, live music and dance. The performance takes place in Barcelona and goes through the four lunar phases, each one related to one feeling or situation.

I work with the dancer Helena de la Torre and the visual artist José González.

Street Vocals & I Sing For You


I am developping these two projects during a travel across different cities of Europe like Paris, Rome, Amsterdam and London, where I work as a street performer. 

In Street vocals I am making arrangements and creations only for my voice building diferent layers in live with a loop station. This experience from the street performance inspired me to record a new CD reflecting what is possible to do only with voice in the street on soul covers like Stand by me, Respect or Ain't no sunshine.

I sing for you is a project where I pretend to investigate the relationship between the artist and the stranger who pass by and might stop to listen. My aim is to creat an interaction between the artist and the listenner.

In the performance I sing for you, I want to be able to create in live an unique song for the listenner from the minimal musical material and information that he can provide.


Paris - Fontaine Stravinsky

Bologna - Piazza Maggiore